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COVID-19 relief efforts by Aagaz Federation (Picture credit JP Maithani)

Voluntary sector – Role in the pandemic – aren’t we being ignored??

The COVID pandemic has caused unprecedented damage across the globe. Its’ gory journey, still continues to impact our lives and the world around us. Nearly a year into the pandemic, we face a human tragedy, and a public health, humanitarian and development emergency. With India’s first case of COVID-19 reported in Jan 2020, and the Government announcement of a nationwide[Read More…]

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Pandemic – Lockdown as a social epidemic???

Pandemic – Lockdown as a social epidemic???

 “The world is at your doorstep, but please do not step out” The world has been turned topsy-turvy, caught within the clutches of a pandemic – COVID ’19 which has made this fast moving world grind to a halt. Eerie silence on the roads, deserted public spaces, restricted social interactions, no public gatherings, no religious worship – lockdown has been[Read More…]

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