Dr Gary G Kohls

 A Psychological Evaluation of Donald Trump

Does Trump (and some of his advisors) Deserve Being Labeled Sociopathic, Narcissistic, Paranoiac, Egomaniacal, Megalomaniacal, Xenophobic, Demagogic and/or Neo-Fascistic? A sociopath is a person whose behavior is antisocial, often criminally…

A Sampling of 16 Earthen Dam Failures

(Not Mentioning the Hundreds of Leaky Tailings Dams or the Potential Catastrophic Breaches that will Likely Occur if Copper/Nickel/Sulfide Mining is Allowed in Northern Minnesota) The following group of 5…

 Psych Drugs And Guns Don’t Mix

  “Violence and other potentially criminal behaviors caused by prescription drugs are medicine’s best kept secret.” -- David Healy, UK psychiatrist and author (and co-founder of www.RxISK.org)   “The establishment…

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