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Kabul, November 2021 — This former school teacher lost her job when the Taliban took control. Due to severe sanctions and a collapsing economy she is now shining shoes for survival. PHOTO: Ali Khara / Reuters

Afghanistan: Suffering skyrockets as US replaces soldiers with sanctions.

Two weeks before the last U.S. and NATO soldiers left Afghanistan on Aug, 30, 2021, President Biden imposed a freeze on Afghan central bank reserves held in U.S. and European banks. The freeze deprived Afghanistan of $9.5 billion of its own state money, broadening sanctions already levied against the Taliban. The World Bank suspended loans for a variety of development[Read More…]

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Is Trump mentally ill? And does it matter?

Is Trump mentally ill? And does it matter?

In The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee and her 26 co-authors warn that the president is a clear and present danger because he is mentally ill. Their diagnosis? Trump has malignant narcissism. His symptoms? He is alienating our allies, taunting our enemies, threatening our democracy, and undermining our national security. And he’s in control of[Read More…]

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