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Global Warming and East Coast Hurricanes

Global Warming and East Coast Hurricanes

Co-Written by James Hansen and Makiko Sato Maps below show the temperature anomaly for the past three months and the seasonal mean (Northern Hemisphere Summer). We draw attention to the cool region southeast of Greenland and warmth in the middle of the North Atlantic. Wally Broecker suggested decades ago that freshwater injection onto the North Atlantic could cause shutdown of[Read More…]

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The real takeaway about the Paris agreement: It's not enough. (Image: Global Justice Now)

4 Reasons The Paris Agreement Won’t Solve Climate Change

Many hail the Paris agreement—set to cross the threshold this week to come into effect—as a panacea for global climate change. Yet tragically, this perspective neglects to take into account the scientific reality of our climate system, which tells a much different story. Our latest research, Young People’s Burden: Requirement of Negative CO2 Emissions, appeared Monday as a “Discussion” paper[Read More…]

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