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An elderly victim of cow vigilante groups

The Political Terror of Cow Vigilantism In J&K

Persecution of weak and minorities is something that hyper nationalist regimes across the world swear by. Oftentimes this begins with the innovation of overt and covert tactics intending to further the other-ing process. Frequent execution of the same results in the establishment of dehumanizing norms, which ultimately becomes the dreaded weapon wielded by the regime’s agents. The increasing incidents of[Read More…]

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A Letter to Late Comrade Mahavir Narwal!

A Letter to Late Comrade Mahavir Narwal!

Dear Com. Narwal, I know I never had the good fortune to meet you or your daughter Natasha Narwal in person. Like thousands of my fellow citizens of this country, I came across your name for the first time in 2020, when your daughter and her friends were illegally incarcerated for their brave resistance against the state in the form[Read More…]

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Rohingya Refugees on the move (Image for representational purpose only)

Children of No Land- Rohingya Refugees and Their Persecution in India

Driven out of homeland and in search of a shore to call as one’s own- the story of every refugee fits in this framework. Termed as the most persecuted people of 21st century, life of Rohingya refugees since decades has been all about striking a balance between series of uprooting and stay planted as long as they are on the[Read More…]

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Cyber Crime Volunteerism and the Unfolding of an Orwellian India

Cyber Crime Volunteerism and the Unfolding of an Orwellian India

That the existence of democratic space and liberal discourse is shrinking in today’s India is a naked truth. Rabid polarization, communal disharmony, crony capitalism and stringent crack down of all the opposing voices against the government are realities of the day. With laws being thwarted and manipulated, brazen attempts to compromise the integrity of the legislature, executive, judiciary and the[Read More…]

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A Forever Champion of Women and Land Rights- Revisiting Bharti Roy Choudhary’s Legacy

A Forever Champion of Women and Land Rights- Revisiting Bharti Roy Choudhary’s Legacy

The Indian socio political environment at this moment is witnessing a never before revolutionary churning since the days of British colonialism. History is being etched by the ongoing farmers protest against agricultural laws brought in by an inconsiderate dispensation that is hand in gloves with crony capitalists. Farmers breaking all the barriers of gender, religion, caste and geography are uniting[Read More…]

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Adivasis under Kaimur Mukti Morcha protesting-Image for Representation Purpose

Kaimur’s Struggle For Jal Jangal And Zameen

Famous for its vast forest cover and mineral rich hills, Kaimur lies at the tri-junction of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. Part of the Kaimur plateau and surrounded by the Bhagelkhand Mountains and Chotanagpur Plateau, this westernmost district of Bihar has a population of around 1.6 million who are placed under 11 community development blocks. Of these, the block Adhoura,[Read More…]

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A Bakarwal tribal on the move (Image for representative purpose only)

Indianisation aka Colonisation of Kashmir’s Forests

“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast/ Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast!” (If there is a paradise on earth/ It is this, it is this, it is this!”) When Amir Khusrau, the famous Sufi poet of 13th century lavished his praise on Kashmir with this Farsi couplet, he would never have anticipated a day that centuries after befall the same land, when its beauty[Read More…]

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 Women protesting against the Farm Bills (Image for representative purpose)

Women in the Kisan Andolan and the Niche They Carve

Delhi right now is witnessing an unprecedented outburst of long suppressed agony and muffled voice of the Indian farmers. The protest that started in August 2020 against the three Agricultural Laws bring forth by the NDA government is projecting a shift in its vigor and valor since this November 25th, when the farmers from Punjab and Haryana have decided to[Read More…]

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Development Vs Dispossession: Dhinkia Rejects IOCL Pipeline

Development Vs Dispossession: Dhinkia Rejects IOCL Pipeline

Just as it takes grit and perseverance to break the mighty mountains, standing up to the oppressor demands conviction, solidarity and sustained agitations. Dhinkia, a small village in the costal district Jagatsinghpur of the Odisha state is a living testimony to this. Famous for its sweetest paan (betel vines), the village (also a Gram Panchayat) for decades has seen the[Read More…]

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  Image for representative purpose

Maoist Encounters: Trampling Human Rights in Kerala Forests

Kerala on the 3rd of November has witnessed yet another instance of an alleged encounter between Maoists and the state police force. The incident occurred at the Bappanam Mala forest area that comes under the South Wayanad Forest Division, in the northern district of Wayanad. According to police, they were on regular morning patrol of the area, when the Maoists[Read More…]

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