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Getting ready for the final rally under the heavy deployment of security forces

Ajodhaya Turga Project: For A Not So Gentle Reminder Adivasis Ride from Ajodhaya to Jhargram in West Bengal

In December 2021, a Divisional Bench of Calcutta High Court reinstated the in-principle clearance of the Turga Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project (TPSHP) proposed over an area of 292 hectares in the Ajodhaya hills of West Bengal and the eastern most part of the Chhotanagpur plateau. The judgement comes after the West Bengal government appealed against the single bench Order of[Read More…]

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Padyatra to Save Hasdeo Aranya/ Chhattisgarh Bachao Andoalan

A Local Rain-Check Before a Global Summit: What is India Busy with Pre-CoP26?

 The upcoming CoP26 is not without its own set of apprehensions and mired more in doubts than expectations with unrealistic ‘net-zero’ rhetoric and big consultancies like Boston Consultancy Group[i] managing the event, along with the latest rumours that one of the most notorious businessmen of the world, Adani[ii], trying to pitch for a presence in this global summit. Climate change[Read More…]

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A Snapshot of part of the family: Kakuli Mandal with her family

Amader pet bhoro tomra khela koro(Fill our stomachs and you’ll play): Trying to make the ‘irrelevant’ relevant again

A number of catchy slogans, melodramatic speeches in mask-less rallies of thousands, puerile arguments of insider- outsider, and of course the evergreen communal angles, Bengal is seeing it all. In the ongoing hullabaloo, it is imperative to talk elections in the context of real peoples’ real issues. The moral duties of an elected government to its people does not change[Read More…]

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As Lockdowns Ease, Accountability does not; Questions & Apprehensions from a Rights based Campaign in West Bengal

As Lockdowns Ease, Accountability does not; Questions & Apprehensions from a Rights based Campaign in West Bengal

As those in power will continue to use Covid 19 as a tool and excuse to further deprive the already deprived, there is an urgent appeal to use the Covid 19 crisis to highlight the crisis of our democracy. The Right to Food & Work Network (RTFWN) in the Time of Covid Since the past 6 months the country has[Read More…]

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The ‘Appearance’ & ‘Disappearance’ of the Migrant Worker

The ‘Appearance’ & ‘Disappearance’ of the Migrant Worker

The following account stems from stories that a group of volunteers engaged with the Right to Food & Work Campaign, West Bengal ,encountered while working with migrant labourers from the state stuck in other parts of the country due to the lockdown announced from 24th March 2020 onwards. We have kept the stories as true to the narratives except only[Read More…]

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