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Why American Children Need to Know Caste

This week, the California Board of Education will sign off on the final updates for textbooks used in the state’s middle schools, including how those books depict India’s caste system. Even though I live in Seattle, I plan attend the meeting in Sacramento and have been asked to say a few words. In speaking out about caste — that complex[Read More…]

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Upper Caste Privilege: From Catharsis To Change

One seldom hears any of the persons..saying, “Let us do something to change the Touchable Hindu.”- Dr. B. R Ambedkar. “Frankly Prashant, if I weren’t an exceptional student, I would have committed suicide long ago.” His statement chilled my bones; having been known him for years, I knew he was not given to exaggeration or needless drama.  He was serious. [Read More…]

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