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Unearthing The Capitalocene: Towards A Reparations Ecology

Unearthing The Capitalocene: Towards A Reparations Ecology

Co-Written by Jason W. Moore & Raj Patel Settled agriculture, cities, nation-states, information technology and every other facet of the modern world have unfolded within a long era of climatic good fortune. Those days are gone. Sea levels are rising; climate is becoming less stable; average temperatures are increasing. Civilization emerged in a geological era known as the Holocene. Some[Read More…]

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30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions is from industrial agriculture, including deforestation to support livestock.

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How To Feed Ourselves In A Time Of Climate Crisis

Changing the food system is the most important thing humans can do to fix our broken carbon cycles. Meanwhile, food security is all about adaptation when you’re dealing with crazy weather and shifting growing zones. How can a world of 7 billion—and growing—feed itself? Here are 13 of the best ideas for a just and sustainable food system.

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