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Credit: reidix/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Meat And Greet

  Recently a well-known chain of supermarkets opened a fresh-only outlet inside a rich residential society in Mumbai to much gratitude and fanfare. The residents had a difficult time locating a proper greengrocer, and a facility like this was invaluable. The store became successful from day one, garnering lots of footfalls. Sensing a need gap, the store offered, apart from[Read More…]

by 28/08/2017 1 comment India
AFSPA: The Fifty Eight Year War

AFSPA: The Fifty Eight Year War

Imagine a war that goes on for almost six decades. A war that nobody notices, even though it would be counted as the thirteenth longest war in human history. This is a conventional war, where ‘enemy’ territory is looted, its women are raped, its men killed. With only one difference. In this war, the enemy, technically, belongs to the same[Read More…]

by 14/07/2016 2 comments Human Rights
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