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‘Round Midnight

‘Round Midnight

September 26th was the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.  In Chicago, where Voices for Creative Nonviolence is based, activists held the third of three COVID-era “Car Caravans” for nuclear disarmament, travelling through the city from Voices’ own rapidly gentrifying Uptown neighborhood to the statue on Chicago’s South Side which marks the fateful site of Earth’s first[Read More…]

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"U.S. Den of Espionage Museum" in Tehran.

A Difficult Peace

Nearly a thousand of us were gathered in Chicago beneath the alarming edifice of Chicago’s “Trump Tower.” Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani had been brutally murdered the day before in Iraq, with several of his associates; and the welcome surprise of Iran’s relatively measured response was yet a few days off.  A region-wide conflagration seemed just on the verge of engulfing[Read More…]

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Being History with Iran 

Being History with Iran 

We went to Iran because you have to see these places before the U.S. blows them up, and it’s very good to see you here today in downtown Chicago, that’s also precious, for a similar reason. Because we have reason to believe that when Iran goes, a lot of other places go as well.  Every war the U.S. begins is[Read More…]

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