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Protests as a marker of Social change

Protests as a marker of Social change

From time immemorial protests have been a very significant way to argue for one’s rights. In British India Mahatma Gandhi introduced the non-violent way of protesting publicly which is bhuk hartal or public gathering where people quietly protest by fasting and not drinking water. Shouting slogans is another way to show resistance and disagreement. Candle light vigil is also taken[Read More…]

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A Suitable Boy: Mira Nair’s chronicle of the 1950s

A Suitable Boy: Mira Nair’s chronicle of the 1950s

In the history of Indian societies ‘marriage’ as an institution has garnered a special place and has been ubiquitous in all sections and classes of the society. Within this finding a groom is a very seasoned activity. Mira Nair’s newest web series ‘A suitable boy’ is an adaptation of a novel by the same name authored by Vikram Seth in[Read More…]

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Gandhi Ji's visit to Marwari Library on 27.11.1917 with message

Significance of Gandhi’s visit to Marwari Public Library in November 1917

The Marwari Public Library at Chandni Chowk is like an oasis in the midst of a business hub of Delhi, says its secretary Raj Narayan Saraf, where people come to quench their thirst for knowledge. Seth Kedar Nath Goenka, a Marwari cloth merchant, was inspired by Gandhi to start this library when Gandhi first came to Delhi in April 1915.[Read More…]

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