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Vaccination among women 11% lower than in men in Madhya Pradesh

Vaccination among women 11% lower than in men in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: “I don’t want to take the vaccine as I have read on social media that I will not be able to bear a child,” said Rekha (name changed on request). The 22 year old, is a resident of Bhopal, the state capital of Madhya Pradesh, who fears that she will have grave side effects after vaccination that will render[Read More…]

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Ram Narayan Singh Maravi and his wife Indu Bai Maravi selling vegetables in Bhopal

Tribal artists forced to sell vegetables, and paintings on the street during pandemic

Bhopal: Selling vegetables on Bhopal’s Depot Chouraha with his wife, Gond artist Ram Narayan Singh Maravi always carries a tote bag full of paintings with his brushes and colours, at all times. His heart skips a beat every time a customer turns up for his vegetables but  also asks to buy one of his paintings. “I carry this bag with[Read More…]

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Gudiya (name changed) at her house, eating plain rice form a plate, sharing it with her sisters- Photo Courtsey - Sachin Kumar Jain

After Covid, a pandemic of hunger looms large in MP

The lockdown-induced loss of livelihoods has left many vulnerable villagers in Madhya Pradesh unable to feed their families even two square meals a day.   Bhopal: Four-year-old Gudiya* (name changed) smiles shyly as she eats salted rice from a plate that she shares with her two sisters. The three girls from Birhulia village in Umaria, Madhya Pradesh haven’t eaten dal[Read More…]

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