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The Problematic Story of Draft EIA Notification 2020

The Problematic Story of Draft EIA Notification 2020

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is a regulatory process that aims to strike a balance between economic development and the environment. However, with the recent publication of Draft EIA Notification in March 2020, this balance has been disrupted. It allegedly strikes upon the foundations of the EIA process and emphasizes more on facilitating ease of doing business than the conservation of[Read More…]

by August 2, 2020 Environmental Protection
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Understanding the effects of COVID-19 on the Environment

The theme for this year’s Environment Day was ‘Time for Nature’. The global community chose to celebrate biodiversity in 2020 for its innumerous contributions. Primarily, biodiversity is relevant for food, water, timber, medicine, intrinsic value, religious beliefs, tourism, and life-supporting system. However, in this pandemic era, it has got even more to offer. Before discussing the impacts of COVID-19 on[Read More…]

by June 19, 2020 Environmental Protection