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Somen Chanda

Riot: A Short Story by Somen Chanda (1920-1942)

A man was crossing the platoon-fields fast. Up ahead lay the level-crossing. He was aiming to cross the railway yard adjoining the level crossing. Perhaps, he had thought that he would be safe once he reaches the Nazia Bazaar area. No one can be seen near or far away. Everything is empty, like a desert.  At a distance lies a[Read More…]

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Somen Chanda

Rats: A Story by Somen Chanda

Have you heard of Caudwell and Conford? Of Ralf Fox? Do you know of Federico Garcia Lorca? These martyrs had reddened Spain The green olive forests are red Mothers lost children, lose children, Yet I say, good days approach Come, let’s go touch their blood And write, with that blood, a song for the good days.   The original Bangla[Read More…]

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