Articles by: Sunil Sharma

A view of Household belongings under the debris of demolished houses

Roses on a dump

Home! Scooped out of the bowels of solid waste, like other huts, perched on various levels of the accumulated waste that grows vertical by the hour. The typical Asian shack consists of the usual elements—the blue tarpaulin, corrugated sheets and flattened-out cardboards. Anna is proud of this piece of space snatched away from other migrants that keep on pouring. Every[Read More…]

by July 3, 2020 Arts/Literature
The affirmative philosophy of plagues

The affirmative philosophy of plagues

This plague, an obscure and largely-forgotten Camus spoke to me about another plague, in a Mumbai apartment. I was taken aback. Two plagues and venues varied collide in a single instant and frame, but retain their individual flavours and contours and a common dread and stench felt universally by the master race, made vulnerable, again, by a tiny virus, of[Read More…]

by June 29, 2020 Arts/Literature