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The Jewish Chronicle citing statistics from the UK Zionist organization Community Service Trust, to spin "hatred of Israel" as "hatred of Jews".

Press Standards watchdog must rein in pro-Zionist abuses by the once-venerable Jewish Chronicle

London:When talk of Zionism first made the rounds in the late nineteenth century, the Jewish Chronicle (JC), which had by then already been publishing for a half century, was firmly opposed to the new ethnic-nationalist movement. This changed abruptly in 1906, when L.J. Greenberg, an advertising agent, and Jacobus Kann, a Dutch banker, raised the funds to purchase the paper[Read More…]

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Double photo of the wall in Abu Dis:
Two photos joined, taken from the identical spot on either side of the Israeli wall as it severs Abu Dis in two (left=east, right=west; note the same minaret in both photos). The wall orphans Abu Dis on the right side into East Jerusalem. This both enlarges Israel’s claimed annexation of East Jerusalem, and facilitates the ethnic cleansing of the area’s people, since they now have the “wrong” ID cards (West Bank instead of East Jerusalem) in Israel’s bantustan system for non-Jews. Palestinians on the left side cannot go to the right side without special permission; for foreigners, it is perhaps a half-hour drive. Although Palestinians on the right side are free to go to the left side, they will likely never be able to return to the right side if they do. [photos: T Suárez]

Palestine: Five pivotal media fudges that empower Israel’s ongoing crimes

The western mass media’s coverage of the so-called “conflict” in Israel-Palestine is so flawed as to turn upside-down the public’s understanding of what is happening. Following are five specific points that are particularly relevant to the current violence. East Jerusalem is not in Israel. News analyses of Israeli actions at Sheikh Jarrah and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are invariably premised as[Read More…]

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“One Palestine, complete” was no joke

“One Palestine, complete” was no joke

The only traceable copy of the document, though not the one commonly quoted. (The Klau Library, Hebrew Union College) Jaffa, June 20, 1920, Herbert Samuel’s arrival in Palestine, ten days before the end of military rule and the beginning of his tenure as High Commissioner. (Library of Congress) Original hand-written title: Sir Herbert Samuel reading his Proclamation to the notables[Read More…]

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Zionism’s mass psychosis is not Israel’s private affair

Zionism’s mass psychosis is not Israel’s private affair

    psy·cho·sis (/sīˈkōsəs) a mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. Fear is the most primal defensive instinct, but fear can also be exploited as a tool of control, leading people to act with thought and emotion so impaired that, to borrow from the above definition of psychosis, contact with[Read More…]

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What is your religion? Life In Occupied Palestine!

What is your religion? Life In Occupied Palestine!

  Israeli soldiers’ demand to know one’s religion, begs two larger questions: What does it mean to “be” a certain religion? And for what purpose is the question being asked? “Religion” here has nothing to do with theology, but with descent, one’s lineage — essential information for a state founded and perpetuated on the basis of ethnic identity. If Israel’s[Read More…]

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Hebron: A news photographer is arrested. Inside the military booth, a Palestinian woman is being detained. [Photo: T. Suárez]

J’accuse: Zionism, Israel, And The IHRA

The so-called “conflict” in Israel-Palestine continues unabated today, decades after Oslo, a half-century after Israel dramatically expanded its occupation, a full century after Balfour, and one and a third centuries after it all began. Stripped bare of all its artificial, obfuscatory alleged complexity, this tragedy can be reduced to a single word: Zionism. Nor is the damage done by this[Read More…]

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