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Burkina Faso Fights the War on Terror

Burkina Faso Fights the War on Terror

Burkina Faso’s National Council for Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation (CONASUR) found in its August 2020 report that more than a million people have been internally displaced by the upsurge in violence in the country. This figure represents a 100% increase compared to early 2020 when Burkina Faso had 450,000 internally displaced persons. Now, almost 5% of Burkina Faso’s population has fled their homes because[Read More…]

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Thomas Sankara's revolutionary government regulated the mining sector, limiting multinational companies ability to plunder Burkina Faso's rich gold resources.

Extractive imperialism and resistance in Burkina Faso

Canadian company Tajiri Resources announced on August 20 that it had entered into an agreement with Sahara Natural Resources to begin drilling in Burkina Faso at the company’s exploration program on the Reo Gold project, located 130 kilometres west of the capital, Ouagadougou. The initiation of a mining project, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, reflects the entrenchment of extractive imperialism, and its[Read More…]

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