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Fireworks behind statue of liberty

Beer, Burgers, Bangs & Flag Worship

It used to be, to this baby boomer, that July 4th was reserved for barbeques and fireworks. We were kids back in the 50s and early 60s, before Vietnam, and we had fun. Well, things changed quickly with the advent of America’s latest phony war by 1965. Bob Hope was pushed out of retirement to entertain , along with Playboy[Read More…]

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Hijacking MY Flag!!

Hijacking MY Flag!!

Well, as a baby boomer who has seen lots of instances of the empire using MY flag as their own private property, this newest one ‘ takes the cake’. I mean, my generation went through the whole ‘ America, love it or leave it’ rhetoric during the Vietnam debacle. Many of us, either old or new to activism,  just tossed[Read More…]

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Independence Day Celebration in Centre Square, Philadelphia, by John Lewis Krimmel, 1819

 Public Awareness of Deadly Racist History versus Celebratory Feelings for Birth of Slave Owners USA

A lot has happened since the July 4th Independence Day celebrations of 2020 when yours truly saw published: Not All Americans Celebrate the Birth of a Racist Slave Owning USA Homicidal at Home Genocidal Abroad  Prominently placed statues of famous racists are no longer acceptable, just as policemen shooting African Americans has finally become unacceptable. Why not dispense with the[Read More…]

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Fireworks behind statue of liberty

 July 4th bonds the United States with India and Muslims

America is the greatest nation on the Earth. Indeed, India is a part of the American Heritage from the very beginning. Upon declaration of our Independence on July 4, 1776, one of the first three heads of the States who recognized the sovereignty of the United States was Nederland, Morocco, and the kingdom of Mysore (now Karnataka), India. Morocco was the first country[Read More…]

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Independence Day Celebration in Centre Square, Philadelphia, by John Lewis Krimmel, 1819

This Independence Day, Let’s Celebrate the Apocalypse

“…rather these question marks arise when the human condition is so improved and ameliorated that the inevitable mosquito bites of body and soul are found to be altogether too gruesome and gory, and in the poverty of their experience of actual pain, people will even take being troubled by ideas to be suffering of the highest order.” Friedrich Nietzsche, The Joyous Science trans. R.[Read More…]

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Activists and members of different tribes block the road to the Mount Rushmore National Monument as they protest in Keystone, South Dakota on July 3, 2020.

Native Americans blocked road to Mount Rushmore hours before Trump’s fiery speech as protesters refuse to celebrate July 4

A group of mainly Native American protesters blocked the road leading up to Mount Rushmore for three hours before President Donald Trump gave a speech at the national monument Friday night. When they refused to disband, the protesters faced off with the South Dakota National Guard, which shot close-range shells at their feet and sprayed some protesters with pepper spray,[Read More…]

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Fireworks behind statue of liberty

The Fourth of July Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!

This year, sit back with your favorite beverage or herb, prop up your feet and open your head to consider Independence Day in a whole new way.   A historically critical article about the American Revolution would typically discuss how the democratic promises of the Declaration were left hanging at war’s end, followed by a decidedly undemocratic constitution six years[Read More…]

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