Canadian Prime minister’s statement on farmer protest is not an interference in our internal matters

farners protest

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has supported the farmers’ peaceful democratic protest in Delhi and hoped that a solution would be found out. Now, this has ‘hurt’ the sentiments of ‘liberal’ ‘deshbhakts’ and they have started questioning Canada’s locus standi on the issue. A great editor even tweeted how Canada, which is ‘inconsequential’ for world politics matter for India. One can only laugh at these fulminations because the protests are on the streets and they have not asked for international solidarity. They want to speak with the government and part of the negotiations being organised by the government. So those trying to say that it will damage the cause of the farmers are wrong. The farmers organisations and their leaders know well as what is good and what is bad for them. The propaganda media and those spinning stories 24×7 will do better to focus on the rural crisis . It will be good for these worthies to spend some money and depute some reporters to understand the plight of the farm sector.

In Today’s digitalised world, when the world has become a village, news travels so fast and every one has ways to find their own truths and not depending on the propaganda media. Those who are shouting at Justin Trudeau should know that Canada has four cabinet ministers belonging to Sikh community including their defence Minister. Indian cabinet does not even have two members from the community. The only reliable partner from Punjab, Akali Dal has dissociated with NDA and opposed government’s farm policies. World leaders always speak on the issue particularly if their citizens or their families are at risk. Canadian PM has not spoken to embarrass India but to assure his vast citizens who happen to be Sikhs that his government will protect their interest. The videos of police brutalities on farmers will definitely move people concerned with human rights and humanity. People living abroad will get worried about families so Trudeau was basically addressing the concerns of his citizens and that is not wrong. He did not say anything which hurt the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Whether Canada is consequential to International Politics or not, does not matter. Canada provides to Indian citizens more than India can provide to Canadian citizens. It is a country where most of the refugees even today want to visit. When Donald Trump became the hate campaigner and when our own Prime Minister campaigned for him ‘ Abkee baar Trump Sarkaar’ that was definitely not in good taste and against the diplomatic protocol. Those who guide our political class should remind us of these things. Contrary to this offensive campaign, Justin Trudeau said nothing which is offensive and unparliamentary. Frankly speaking, he was assuring his Sikh citizens who must have been worried.

More and more international voices will speak once the people from India move to other countries. Most of them who go to Europe and America become citizens there and have to be loyal to their nation as after all, they build their career and live there. As citizens of those countries, their first loyalty is to that country. Now, as voters of Indian origin become powerful in these democracies, political leaders will speak about them and their rights. The thing is why do we like an American President greetings Indians on Diwali or a British Prime Minister wishing on Guru Parab. It is to celebrate the diversity and to assure them their space in those countries. So, when political leaders, prime ministers can greet their citizens of Indian origin on these festivals, it is certain, they will speak on the issues concerning their citizens when such protests happen.

The joke roaming around is that Canadian Prime Minister is worried about Sikh farmers and spoke of his solidarity but what about our prime minister and his team. We know that the notorious IT cell will start now tweeting ‘foreign powers’ behind the farmers movement after they failed in blaming them Urban Naxals or rich farmers and so many things. The problem with the right wing propaganda machinery is that they marvel at their ‘reach’ and propaganda power but the fact is that globally people are watching and know the crap being produced as ‘news’ and analysis. Thankfully, we live in a world where dominant exploiters might have faith in their ‘crap’ as ‘news’ but world over people have their own ways of finding the truth. Dominating the digital media platform and spreading fake news will not help. Rather than blaming Western media and political leaders, India needs to take care of its farmers. It is not the hypocrisy of the world leaders but those whose IT cells are spreading fake news about the farmers movement and at the same time their leaders seeking time with farmers unions for a talk. Enough time is lost. Best is that the government must speak with farmers , accept their concerns and resolve the crisis. No foreign power can benefit from our crisis if our own house is in order and if we care for our people.

Let us hope good sense prevails , talks with the government are successful and farmers get their due respect and their concerns are taken care off so that all live in peace and harmony.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social activist. Twitter @freetohumanity



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Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at twitter @freetohumanity Email: [email protected]

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