I am of flowers.

I came out from the butterfly.

I came out from the bee,

the dancing bee – the

hummingbird’s feathered breast.


Once upon a time, a

long, long time ago,

the face of life was a flowers’ face.

Flower perfume recited out song.

Flower petals

inscribed our naming

across deserts and grasslands.


At a time not

too long from this time,

I will return to the Earth.

I will go back to butterfly.

I will go back to bee,

the dancing bee – the

hummingbird’s feathered breast.


I will return to what Earth became

because of us,

out of the Age of Flowers. *

David Sparenberg is author of CONFRONTING the CRISIS: Essays & Meditations on Eco Spirituality in Earth Spirit Series.  He is an Internationally publishing essayist eco-poet, and storyteller living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  David’s time is divided between writing Ecosophy and creating writing to be turned back into spoken word.

*The phrase, the Age of Flowers is derived from author-naturalist Loren Eisley.  In The Immense Journey, Eisley wrote of the age of dinosaurs giving way to the increased metabolism of life forms in the eons long spread of flowers across the Earth. And of the  planetary evolution that followed therefrom.

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