Gaza Horrors: 1000 Amputations with No Anesthesia 

Over 1000 children in Gaza have had their limbs amputated without anaesthesia. It’s a doctor’s nightmare with little medical supplies. 

The number has just been released by UNICEF, the UN children’s agency and points to the devastating situation of children in Gaza.

A doctor amputated his son’s limb without anaesthesia. The pain was so sever the son couldn’t take it and died. More than 75 per cent of those killed – over 60,000 – in Gaza are women and children.

Then there is the case of the doctor who amputated the limb of his niece on the kitchen table by a knife. It was a below-the-knee operation done without anaesthesia. It’s horrendous coming out of a true horror story with over 10,000 children dead by Israeli gunfire since 7 October.

Then there is the case of the doctor who amputated his 16-year-old’s daughter’s foot without anaesthesia. “What have we done to deserve this, please God have mercy on us…” he says choking.

The kids in cement

The Israeli horrors continue. An unbelievable image of two kids in cement after a house caved in on them as a result of the “friendly” air strikes. 

Hamas kids that are a threat to Israel!

His future is lost. Will there be no end to white shrouds? How much longer the world needs to wake up to child killers and prosecute this madness.

And then there is the little girl who cries on the top of her mother wishing her to come out of her recently dug grave.

The massacres continue. We await for those to stop but will they? This is genocide that will not end and is remembered as one of the historical horrors of mankind.

Dr Marwan Asmar is a journalist from Amman, Jordan

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