Enough of this suffering, the gruesome betrayal; 10 years of despotic rule, 10 dreadful deceptions Part- XI

Treason showcased as religion – A planned assassination of the Constitution

Constitution of India

What they promised:

  • To re-establish “Dharma”

What is happening actually:

  • The true meaning of ‘dharma’ is ‘justice’. Establishing dharma means establishing justice. But what is the BJP doing? It is engaging in politics in the name of religion. It incites conflict between religions, fuels disputes between castes, and stirs up trouble for its own political gain. This is not dharma; it is treason against the people. It is adharma.
  • The BJP’s alliances with big corporates, its policies dictated by corporate interests, its methods of manipulating people for its own gains, and mainly its utter mismanagement and loot of public funds and throughbonds—all these require diverting people’s attention elsewhere. To ensure that people continue to support it despite its despicable actions, the BJP desperately relies on the veil of religion.
  • The BJP is trying to legalise the sinister practice of categorizing citizenship on the basis of religion, by implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC). It has the inhumane and evil mindset of building walls among various religious communities, designating some as second-class citizens and segregating them from others.
  • The central government is emerging as an autocratic authority, brutally suppressing voices that strive to reveal the facts. The blood stains of several dissenters like Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh is stuck in their hands. They unjustly imprisoned and silenced fierce fighters for social justice like Father Stan Swamy, Anand Teltumbde, Varavara Rao, Prof. G.N. Saibaba, Umar Khalid, and many others. They had deprived Father Stan Swamy of even the basic medical care and facilities while he was severely ill, leading to his death in jail.
  • Opposition leaders’ residences and offices / businesses are being raided by the IT/ED, CBI, thus exerting pressure on them to abandon their parties and join the BJP.
  • Legislations are being passed without allowing debate in the parliament. Opposition MPs who raise questions are being suspended and silenced. Democracy is being suppressed. BJP dreams of an opposition free parliament.

What are the reasons for this:

  • The BJP and its affiliated Sangh Parivar are forces that do not adhere to the democratic system or the constitution of this country.
  • In several meetings, Member of Parliament Anant Kumar Hegde has directly stated, “Changing the Constitution is our goal.” Their fundamental aim is to re-establish Manusmriti in the name of Hinduism and to establish absolute power by dismantling the constitution in the name of Hindu tradition.
  • The Indian Constitution embodies principles of freedom, equality, fraternity, and social justice. The BJP opposes all these principles. It seeks to undermine freedom of speech for the people, media, opposition parties, and proponents of democracy. It aims to dismantle economic and social equality, the concept of welfare state, subsidies, and government support programs. It desires to destroy the tradition of coexistence among various religious communities and is against advocating harmony.
  • The BJP aims to consolidate unchecked authoritarian governance without any resistance, provide unrestricted opportunities for the greed of private corporates, and restore the highest positions in the society to ‘upper’ castes domination.
  • In sum, the BJP party has embarked on a mission to establish authoritarian corporate rule under the guise of religion. In pursuit of this, they have resorted to all illegitimate means to win elections again. If they come to power again, they will institutionalize governance that permanently maintains all power and domination within the upper castes and supra rich circles. This governance model, in the garb of “Hindu Nation” and “Dharma Samsad,” aims to establish the supreme authority of the ‘upper’ castes. Nullifying India’s democratic-constitutional system it would subject our country to a new tyranny in the name of religion.

Eddelu Karnataka is an independent civil society platform and campaign.It is not affiliated with any political party. Its soul is the thinkers, writers and artists who are the conscience keepers of the nation and democracy. The strength of Eddelu is the combination of organizations and grassroots movements of farmers, workers, Dalits, students, youth, women, LGBTQIA movemnts etc., who have been working selflessly for the welfare of the people for many decades, from various communities (Dalit, Tribal, Tribal, Backward Classes, Vokalinga, Lingayat, minority communities and other exploited sections) and it is a broad civil society.

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