Angela Ferrao

Kandhamal: Justice and remembrance

We hope you remember the grave communal genocide in Kandhamal in Odisha, which happened in 2008. Barely after eight days after celebration of Independence day, India witnessed the biggest organized…

Lynch Mobs

When a perfectly ordinary bunch of people turn into bloodthirsty mobs. A stranger becomes the object of bottomless hate. Angela Ferrao is an independent editorial cartoonist.

Vedic Chants For Better Crops!

Vijai Sardesai the leader of Goa Forward,wants farmers to chant 'vedic hymns' for better crops..if the same worked for good governance! Angela Ferrao is an independent editorial cartoonist.

Walmart’s backdoor entry

US retail giant Walmart bought 77 per cent stake in Indian online website Flipkart in a $16 billion deal. India does not allow retail monoplies like Walmart to enter Indian…

Highway To Hell

Farmers and environmentalists across Tamil Nadu are protesting against the proposed 277-km eight lane Chennai-Salem highway, a Rs. 10,000 crore project. Authorities say the green corridor project would uproot around…

Sterlite Kills

Nine people were killed as police opened fire on protesters who were protesting, demanding closure of a copper smelting plant in Tamil Nadu’s port city of Tuticorin. The protesters were…

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