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Politics At The Eye Of The Cyclone: Collision/Coalition?

Politics At The Eye Of The Cyclone: Collision/Coalition?

I live in North Kolkata, West Bengal. I stand witness to the damaging consequences of Amphan, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal.  Till the afternoon of May 20th, there were heavy showers and sporadic gusts of wind in the northern part of Kolkata. The intensity of the wind increased steadily and so did the rain. By[Read More…]

by May 22, 2020 India
“Chemical Shower, Bareilly, Covid 19’ by DeepankarGohain

The Government For The Fittest

Co-Written by Shamayita Sen and Debabrota Basu On 14th April 2020 Indian Prime Minister (PM) announced the extension of the lockdown conceived to stall the spread of COVID-19 pandemic till May 3rd. The ‘shock lockdown’ which took effect from March 24th is evidently an ill-conceived and ill-executed strategy to confront the pandemic. While the percentage of casualty is steadily rising, the lockdown[Read More…]

by April 15, 2020 India