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 The Pandemic and the Fear of the ‘Other’

 The Pandemic and the Fear of the ‘Other’

Muslim, Markaz and Corona are terms which have- in various combinations- appeared before us way too often in the past few months. As subject of fiery debates, opinionated discussions and intellectual discourses, the so-called ‘Muslim’ angle of the COVID saga has been probed a lot. In fact, as the phased ‘unlocking’ of the country begins this month, debates such as[Read More…]

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“Chemical Shower, Bareilly, Covid 19’ by DeepankarGohain

Rationality in the Times of Corona

The social implications of the corona pandemic in India are proving to be as grave as its pathological ones. The country’s resolve to fight corona- by no means insignificant- has, however, led to certain outcomes that have caused reprehensible damage to the social and moral constitution. The reported twenty-two people dying on the roads- trying to reach a ‘safer’ place[Read More…]

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