Every time I step out of my house
I am not sure of my return
Just because of my name
Which reflects my identity

Living in constant fear
Just because of a name being a Khan or an Ansari
The threat of lynching and beaten to death looms me over
Day in and day out

The fear of huge mobs
Surrounding me with sticks and abuses
With ferocious eyes and a body language getting ready to attack me
And forcing me to utter ‘Jai Shriram’ or ‘Vandemataram’
Have become a part of my fearful dream

This happening at a time
When ‘Sabka Vishwaas’ gets added to the slogan
With ‘lynched’ denied justice and ‘lynchers’ moving free
I hardly find ‘Vishwaas’ in this empty slogan of ‘Sabka Vishwaas’

Thumakunta Vasantha is a Graduate and interested in Social Issues.



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