Enough of this suffering, the gruesome betrayal; 10 years of despotic rule, 10 dreadful deceptions Part- VII

Massive Corruption– Unimaginable organized Criminal Mafia


What they promised:

  • “We will eradicate corruption”
  • “We will bring back black money”
  • “We will bring back all unaccounted wealth of Indians hidden in Swiss banks.”
  • “We will directly credit 15 lakh rupees, to each person’s account out of this reclaimed unaccounted wealth.”

What happened next:

  • In all the states where the BJP came to power, corruption has exceeded all limits. We have witnessed firsthand the infamous 40% government of the BJP in Karnataka. The heads of the contractors’ association themselves made direct accusations against the government, and one of the contractors even wrote a suicide note directly accusing the government for his death, before killing himself.
  • Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Mehul Choksi, and 46 other ‘bank robbers’ have embezzled public money and fled abroad. Not a single billionaire thief has faced prosecution. Not a single one of them has been apprehended and brought back.
  • Forget unearthing the Swiss bank list, BJP has used all its power and might to keep the names on the SBI list hidden.
  • The demonitisation of high denomination currency notes led to the suffering of people across the country. It pushed small traders to the streets, and the government did not bring back even a single rupee of black money. Around 170 senior citizens, most of them while standing in long queues to exchange currency notes, tragically lost their lives due to the government’s negligence.
  • Even though the Panama Papers revealed the list of international criminals, and many Indian names were found in it, no action was taken against even a single criminal.
  • Even though numerous scams involving thousands of crores of rupees in projects like Rafale, 2G, coal scam, Vyapam, Krishna-Godavari basin, Bitcoin, and many others came to light, no serious investigation was conducted into any one of these scams, and no one was held accountable.
  • All of these prove the existence of a vast network of organized high rank corruption racket. But even worse, under the appearance of the Election Bonds, the BJP has collected a large amount of corrupt money. Through donations from 33 companies, the Modi government received contributions totalling ₹1,751 crore and in return handed those companies over ₹3.7 lakh crore worth of government contracts. After receiving these contracts, 192 companies funnelled ₹551 crore in commission to BJP accounts under the guise of electoral bonds. Legal action was taken against companies that did not donate to the BJP through electoral bonds. Threatened with investigations by the CBI and ED, many of these companies were forced to pay ₹2,471 crore in bonds soon after which the threat of investigation on them was lifted.
  • Hundreds of crores (in electoral bonds) were given as commission in return for government approval of the covid vaccine and covid tablets.
  • While playing the card of cow protection on the streets, the Modi government has encouraged the export of Beef and has received commission from the beef exporting companies through electoral bonds.
  • Through the ‘PM CARES’ fund large amounts of illegitimate money has been acquired by the government. However, details regarding who contributed the money and how it has been utilized have been concealed from the public, hoodwinking the people of this country.
  • A self-declared law has been enacted by the government, stating that there is no need to disclose information about the ‘Electoral Bond’ and ‘PM CARES Fund’, leading to the misuse of billions of rupees. With the Supreme Court stepping in and blowing the whistle, all the scandals have come to light. BJP is trying to divert people’s attention by sending Kejriwal to jail, shouting “thief”, in an attempt to cover up their own mega loot.

What are the reasons for this:

  • The slogan “Corruption-Free India” was merely a strategy by the BJP to portray itself as a principled corruption free party and label the Congress as corrupt. It was purely a political tactic aimed at branding itself as the honest party.
  • The BJP is fully engulfed in corruption. From Yeddyurappa to all the other Chief Ministers of the BJP, they have all been extremely corrupt.
  • The BJP continues to run all the scams and corrupt activities while portraying Modi as a humble fakir.
  • Massive amounts of public assets are being handed over to the private companies for a pittance in return for commission to the government. The country is being sold off in bits and pieces.
  • Using government agencies like ED, IT, and CBI, the BJP has plunged into a deep pit of corruption. Electoral bonds and PM CARES funds serve as vaults for BJP’s corrupt money.
  • The information that Adani Group belongs to Modi has begun to emerge.
  • The BJP is operating like a large mafia gang. From top to bottom, it is under the control of criminals with no bar.

Eddelu Karnataka is an independent civil society platform and campaign.It is not affiliated with any political party. Its soul is the thinkers, writers and artists who are the conscience keepers of the nation and democracy. The strength of Eddelu is the combination of organizations and grassroots movements of farmers, workers, Dalits, students, youth, women, LGBTQIA movemnts etc., who have been working selflessly for the welfare of the people for many decades, from various communities (Dalit, Tribal, Tribal, Backward Classes, Vokalinga, Lingayat, minority communities and other exploited sections) and it is a broad civil society.

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