Am I white, black, purple or pink?


Names given by mankind

to diverse reflections of light


Names given to create

borders between colours


Colours earlier that rainbow spelt

Now lead only to bloodshed,

violence, gore, hatred.


Where is the love

that Lalon sang?


Where is the note

that played on the flute


black with white?


Where are the piano keys

that together string melodies?


Tell me, tell me,

Where are they?


Man and Woman, Black and White,

Are these reasons for genocide?


I am the colour of flowers,

the sunrise, the day and the night.


I am every colour and no colour.

I am what I am — a part of the Divine Ardour


Mitali Chakravarty is a writer and editor of Borderless Journal




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  1. Avatar zeenat khan says:

    “Poetry shows that racism is absurd by reminding us of a truth often forgotten: beneath the superficial features that distinguish us are common human foundations we share. We share a desire to be treated with respect. We yearn to be free. We demand equality.”
    Thank you for the poem.
    I do not need my freedom/ when I’m dead — Langston Hughes