For generations have we suffered
Without any meaningful change in our lives
Humiliation and oppression
Which has seen no end

The world has changed
And adopted equality as its universal value
Yet a world divided on caste
Continues to be the world determined by you

An oppressed population rising up
Is the thing you do not want
A population living in the bondage forever
Is what you ever want

Violence taking its many forms
Killings, Murders, Exploitation, Oppression, Rapes
Untouchability, Caste occupations, Discrimination
Are things you still find legitimate

Suffering your day to day humiliation for generations
Yet you cannot tolerate our daily forms of resistance
Through our agency when we try to rise up
You crush it to see that your domination only continues

Despite your attempts in maintaining inequality forever
The forces of equality would only rise
For humans are fundamentally created equal
And in only realising it would the world find a social balance

T Navin is an independent writer



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