A Story Poem about Climate Change

climate change

Is this climate change? I asked

as rains lashed out. Oh, that is

a subject for experts, the bald

man with a goatee said. We

stood on the clouds and watched


the water slowly submerge —

seeping through the marshes

rising, rising till it covered the

fields, the houses. The cattle —

did they swim? The cats and dogs?

What of the humans? I asked again.

Is this an impact of climate change?


No, the goatee shook his learned

head sparkling with rays of erudition,

This is just flooding. Climate change

is for experts. I teach how to make

money, manage your business.


Oh, I said and gasped at his tome

of books, that despite internet, rose

from the floor to the ceiling in his

home perched on clouds, far

distanced from common lives.


Sweltering heat, the forests burnt.

Animals in droves roasted. People

ran amuck. Again, a simpleton, I asked,

Is this climate change? With spectacles


perched on his nose, the learned man

replied, No. This is just farmers

cutting grass and burning fields.

Climate change is for experts. What

of the flames that roasted kangaroos

and llamas across the seas? I asked.


I do not know he said. I told you

climate change is for experts and

not a subject for us. I help teach

making money. That is my expertise.


Typhoons, storms ran amuck.

Tsunamis. Oh, that is in Andamans,

said the goateed one. I help teach

how to generate the economy,

To make money.


A decade passed. Two and three. The habitat

shrivelled lives, trees and the economy.

The sun grew strong — beating down on the

parched ground. Thunder, rain thronged in

sheets, tidal floods from rising seas. The goateed

one, now left alone, sat on his learned tomes.

Was that the impact of climate change?

I asked. He replied, I told you. I do not know.

I help make money grow. Economy.


Maybe, bunnies will consult the dwindling goatee next —

on how to make the economy grow and

Oh money!


 Mitali Chakravarty writes for a future filled with hope and harmony and in that spirit has founded the Borderless Journal.  

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