While razing the house of a Muslim family

and setting them on fire with kerosene

the man was thinking of the Buddhist monastery

he planned to visit in Bhutan.

It was his long drawn wish to meditate

on the mountains where the air was thin.


Meanwhile the wails of the hapless family

floated back to his ears and he grew

furious at his reveries being disturbed.

He started kicking the bodies before him

trying hard to silence even the whimpers.


When their cries had ceased and the

house was fully razed, he returned to his

pious thoughts about offering a chadar

at the Ajmer Darga and lighting candles

at the altar of the Velankanni Church.


By then a few adolescent lads had started

raising the prayer cries of Allahu Akbar.

Raising his baton and crying Har har Mahadev

he rushed to their midst, bashing a few skulls.

A stone was flung at him and he raised his pistol

and fired into the crowd with an Om on his lips.

Rash is a poet from Kerala

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