To Youth of the World – Activists, Global Citizens, Earth Keepers, Red Road Walkers

climate change global warming

When the corrupters, swindlers, betrayers, deniers – the practitioners of ecocide and insanity – tell you, “Calm down.” Don’t calm down.  Rise up!

When they tell you, “Don’t be an alarmist.” Don’t!  But sound the alarm clear, loud, and relentlessly. There are no “alternative facts.” There is reality. And there is no Planet B.

When they tell you, “Don’t panic.” That’s right. But not for the reasons the corrupters, swindlers, betrayers, deniers – the practitioners of ecocide and insanity – want you to believe. Right because sanity is indispensable in confronting madness, when dismantling the weaponized ego, and combating species suicide.

We know why the wrongdoers against life, against actual lives of others, and forms, shapes, and types of living otherness, want to keep advantages as they are.

Before the self-interests of power, be bold, be audacious, courageous, and unyielding. Rely on your natural intuition to speak out on behalf of afflicted nature. Rely on your instinctual passion. Do not be criminal in your indignation.  Be committed in your insistence on biotic and social justice, and in the necessity of challenging the politics of accelerating misdirection.

Don’t go on convinced it is ok to have your head on backward, your heart twisted, your soul buried alive.  “Malignant normalcy” is not normal. It is malignant.

Be seed – sprout. Be tree – through coming days of trial and transition, throughout the perilous night – stand your ground.  Stop War Against the Earth.

BIO: David Sparenberg is the author of CONFRONTING the CRISIS: Essays & Meditations on Eco-Spirituality, in the EARTH SPIRIT Series from Moon Books.  An international essayist, eco-poet and storyteller, David lives in Seattle, WA in the Pacific Northwest of the US.

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