Jewish Diaspora – Speak Up For Palestinians

Palestine 2

“When crime becomes authority
And hunts down people branding them criminals
Everyone with a voice and keeps silent
Becomes criminal himself.” (Poet Varavara Rao)

About time middle class Jews
Spread across the world
Break their silence
And speak up.

While you sought greener pastures in the west
Got exposed to democratic, secular ideals
Your elected government back home
Created a monstrous, theocratic state.

Of what use then
Your exposure to progressive, liberal ideas
While fundamentalism rules the roost
In Israel.

Enterprising and economically well off
Jewish establishments control the world media
Brutally manipulating news and views
To serve its political interests.

Judiciary – the last bastion of justice
Being systematically subverted
Under pressure
From ultra-right wing coalition partners.

Courts regularly legitimise
Demolition of Palestinian houses
And hand over vacant land
To right wing Israeli settlers.

In Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’
Shylock demanded his pound of flesh
Ensure this politically incorrect image of Jews
Remains buried six fathoms deep.

Let Netanyahu not exhume it
And revive it by revengeful acts
Jews abroad break your silence
Speak up before it is too late.

Netanyahu now demands his pound of flesh
Total elimination of Hamas, the fighters
Can he assure that it will be just a pound of flesh?
No more, no less; not a drop of civilian blood?

Present turbulent times cry out
That middle class Jews world-wide
Should collectively don the role
Of a Daniel come to judgement.

By roaring publicly for a ceasefire in Gaza
Urging for immediate lifting of siege of millions
And ensuring peaceful return of land
To its rightful owners, the Palestinians.

P.S. Sahni is a member of PIL Watch Group.

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