American duplicity mirrored in Ireland

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Western media is full of stories of Biden and Blinken calling for a pause in the ongoing Israeli one sided war on Gaza.

Gazans have no standing army,no tanks,no warships no f35 stealth bombers.

Palestinian resistance have not dropped over 24,000 tons of bombs on the civilian population and infrastructure of Israel similiar to the war crimes perpetrated against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Palestinians have not murdered an Israeli child every 15 minutes.

It has not deprived Israelis of water,food,medicine,fuel the basic necessities for life, nor have they targetted  hospitals, ambulance drivers,medics,  doctors and recue workers.

Nor have they deprived Israeli  hospitals of fuel resulting in ventilated patients and babies in incubators being left to die.

The Crimes against Jabalyia refugee camp that murdered over 400 non combatants was struck a second time as rescuers tried to recover the bodies of up to another 600 souls buried under the rubble.

Over 9000 are dead and  25,000 injured with the real figure probably much higher.

Gaza City is totally surrounded by Zionist tanks as the apartheid regime tries to divide the strip in two ,while it continues to eviscerate entire families all over Gaza to include a Palestine TV journalist and ten of his family in a precision assassination.

The proposed hospital ships being touted as a possible aid to help the Palestinian wounded is a distraction.

The change of tone from the American administration is a distraction.

The call by blinkered Biden and unblinkered Blinken is designed to change the narrative in the west from the Zionist genocide in Gaza to one of having a pause in the war on Palestinians and to limit civilian casualties, is simply a pause in the international narrative, not a pause in the violence ,its strategic aim is to prevent calls for a ceasefire and allow the apartheid regime time and room to manoeuvre to achieve its military short term objectives .

The Israeli current onslaught on Gaza is unprecedented in recent times.

They are being encouraged armed and militarily supported by France Britain and America.

While Israel destroys life as we know it in Gaza, Macron is trying to cobble together a coalition of the willing to enter the war.

He wants an international, not peace keeping force, but a militia to attack Hamas , an organisation he claims is a terrorist group.

Hamas, like the Irish Republican Movement, like the African National Congress, like the Sandanista are a national liberation organisation fighting an anti colonial war against an illegal foreign alien usurpation of their land and homes.

I support national liberation movements which are in line with international law, is there any other position people of conscience can take?

Madelain Albright said the death of 600,000 Iraqi children before the invasion of Iraq was a price worth paying.

Perhaps she has met Thatcher and Sharon in the afterlife?

So many dead,so many injured already and a ground attack utilising  tanks,artillery , aircraft and drones to level the landscape infront of advancing troops, will see thousands more dead injured and buried under the rubble.

This is reminiscent of the attack on Beirut in 1982 and the massacres in the Shabra and Chatilla refugee camps.

The offensive on Fuluja. The shock and awe carpet bombing of Baghdad. The murderous attacks on Gaddafi and Assad.

America cares nothing for the lives of non white non Europeans as it continues the Anglo Saxon 17 century colonial mindset of destroying the barbarians while claiming to civilise them while simultaneously exploiting their natural resources.

Do not listen to America Britian France or the European Union,they care nothing for the lives of non combatants,of innocent children. 

The ongoing settler violence in the Westbank and Israeli incursion raids unopposed by the pathetic Palestinian Authority is killing maiming arresting and imprisoning unarmed civilians at will.

Hundreds are dead in the occupied territories.

Many more are imprisoned nearly 2000 alone since October 7 many of those detained under internmentment without trial have and are being tortured. 

Sadly the tactics used by the American regime to distract, their citizens from the truth of their actions is mirrored in Ireland.

What politicians say in public and practice in private are at times diametrically opposed 

Like the American administration with its  hypocritical calls for a pause on the war on  Gaza , is a hollow call if ever there was one, we have politicians in Ireland doing exactly the same.

Using public platforms for votes they decry the ethnic cleansing of Gaza, the Zionist war crimes against the indigenous Palestinian population and call for an end to the bombing of UN schools, hospitals,refugee camps, community centres and other places of refuge housing over 1.5 million displaced souls, but that is all they are doing.

The simplest method for politicians in Ireland to show they really condemn the Zionist supremist murderous campaign on Palestine is to refuse its representative the political cover of staying in the country.

If you oppose the apartheid regime, then refuse to legitimise it and expel its anbassador.

I won’t be attending any rallies that are simply platforms for political parties to gain votes, who by their actions prove they are more concerned with votes, than the death of innocent civilians.

Is power in the Dail more important than your common humanity?

Is American validation more important than your conscience?

Where exactly did you go so badly wrong?

I haven’t voted in recent elections as there is no one who represents my views, from the pseudo left to the new constitutional republicans but I might vote in the forthcoming elections.

I might in fact vote for the DUP .

Know the real enemy who stands before you.

As Israel now arrests Gazan residents in hospitals in the Westbank , ready to deport them to Gaza including residents who have found work in the occupied territories, Egypt is sending 3000 Gazans back into the death camp. America has gotten many of the dual nationality passport holders out of Gaza in order to minimise western casualties, Egypt stopped the ambulance allowed to leave Gaza at the same time demanding passports from the injured.Many of those had been rushed to hospital initially as emergencies .Who brings a passport to a hospital emergency room, if your unconscious, lost a limb or horrifically maimed ?

Many of those 88 patients in those emergency ambulances died because of the Egyptian delays.

Europeans walk out of Gaza ,Gazans are allowed to die while awaiting life saving surgery at the border. 

Maybe we should expel the Egyptian Anbassador or at a minimum protest at their embassy?

No politicians please many of us have had enough of the deceitful duplicity. 

Palestinian speakers only.

On that point  why hasn’t the Palestinian representative to Ireland been invited to address these rallies?

Is it really about Palestine ,really? 

Nasrallah is speaking at 1pm today. Will there be a wider conflict.

Atleast Nasrallah is an honest politician.I look forward to hearing him speak.

I know the truth when I hear it and I know duplicity when I see it.

Fra Hughes is a Belfast based Palestine solidarity activist


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