IDF  Has  a long  Legacy of   Zionist Terrorist Groups from 1930’s

Israel Mititia
Israel’s pre-state militia occupying the village of Deir Yassin, April 1948.Credit: IDF archive/ Still from the film ‘Born in Deir Yassin’

People around the  world are agonized with killing of civilians, women  and especially children in Gaza for the last  six weeks. Western media (including many  news outlets in third world nations)  propagate and make us believe that Israel is acting in self defence  and  brand all Palestinians as Terrorists.  Truth is, Israel Defence Forces (IDF) originated from  Stern Gang and  Haganah, the Zionist paramilitary organisations  of early 1930’s. These extremist groups beginning late 1930’s played a major role in preparing ground for the establishing the state of Israel by terrorising villages, killing innocent Palestinians and   occupying  villages and towns. The truth is Israel was born out of terrorism, and its state terrorism has been massacring of Palestinians for the last several decades.

Israeli historian Ilan Pappé  in his book “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” (English edition, 2006)   in detail describes the  planned massacres of the Arab population or the systematic expulsion of the Palestinians. According to Pappé, exodus Palestinians was not an unfortunate side-effect of the Arab- Israel war, but an act of ethnic cleansing planned long in advance.  Beginning in late 1930’s Britain had deliberately encouraged and even trained  some of the  paramilitary  Zionist groups to  occupy and  make foothold in Palestine.  After the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution to partition Palestine in November 1947, Britain announced the termination of its Mandate for Palestine, and left Palestine  in May, 1948 without  making any security provisions for Palestinians. Explaining the expulsion events  of the Palestinians in 1948, he  lists various methods used by  Israeli military in Arab towns and villages  between 1947 and 1949, by  bombing, violently terrorising  civilians, in some cases killing,  expelling  the remaining inhabitants, and burning  the houses. And even robbing the fleeing women and old people of money and jewellery. As the Briton left,   Stern gang and Haganah, the major  Zionist paramilitary units  with a large manpower (80,000 well-trained armed soldiers)  started attacking and terrorising Palestinian villages and towns. Between 1944 and 1948 Stern Gang and Hagnah conducted nearly  20  violent attacks on Palestinian villages, towns  and massacred hundreds of civilians.

  Taking forward this inherited criminal legacy from Stern gang and Hagnah of late 1940’s, today, IDF has is bombing, killing civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip. The project Ethnic cleansing  is ongoing for the last 75 years with tacit  support from USA, Britan and other  imperialist nations.

The Zionist  paramilitary forces- Inghum, Stern gang and Hagnah,  in 1930’s were originally trained by British,  but later turned against the later. Stern Gang and Irgun, carried out numerous terrorist acts against British governmental installations across Palestine between 1944 and 1947. Not only  terrorised te Palestinian  population, also blew several trains,  bridges, attacked King David hotel, the headquarter of British civilian authority and  assassinated Lord Moyne, the British Minister for the Middle East, in 1944. Ben-Gurion, Begin, Sharon, Nitinyahu were ordent supporters of Hagnah, and all of them  became  Presidents or Prie ministers in later decades. Even today Israel  lauds the former  members of paramilitary force Hagnah as veterans and honours them as War heroes.

Today anyone criticizing Israeli atrocities in Gaza or West bank are labelled’ anti semitic’ and even supporters of terrorism. This entirely diverts attention from Neo-Nazis, who are actually anti-Semitic. India and other members of nonalignment from 1970 to late 1980  advocated anti colonial stance and naturally supported  Palestine and South Africa. Today  tentacles of  big corporations and neoliberal capitalism have spread  so wide  and influence the public opinion through print and electronic media. Students in  California University and several places  staged demonstrations against  Ghaza genocide and demanded immediate ceasefire. Sadly, some of these students were denied  employment  in large corporations, where earlier  they were selected oncampus and received employment orders. Three popular  Muslim anchors of MSNBC TV channel were sacked  for their sympathies to Palestine. Infect these anchors   are  experts on Middle East politics. Editor of science journal eLife, Mr. Michael Eisen, renown computational Biologist, was sacked  for  his article on  Ghaza  deaths, where he declined to condemn  Hamas.

Jews for centuries an oppressed minority in Europe and other parts of the world. Horrific  mass murders commited by Nazis in Holocaust are unpardonable. But Holocaust as excuse  for oppressing innocent Palestinian civilians is not at all acceptable.

What  Israel is doing in occupied Palestinian territories is worse than apartheid. Israel and IDF should immediately stop inhuman killing of civilians and especially children and listen to world opinion.  World  well remembers the fate met by apartheid Pretoria regime in South Africa when it  lost moral right to continue when met with boycott by one and all around the world.  Better  Israel introspects and  listens to world public opinion and  declare immediate cease-fire in Gaza.

Dr. Soma Marla is a scientist based in Hyderabad, India


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