Oh the children of Gaza……………………..!

Gaza Palestine Children child

Oh the children of Gaza! You are in so much of pain
You cry and your innocent blood flows down the holy lane
Some among you have born only a few months back
Some were still swinging on the cradle, some toddling down the track!!

In your mother’s womb, you thought of this world as a beautiful place
Why is Gaza so different from your hopes, skies full of smoke and fiercely blaze?
What makes you not sit on your school’s desk?
But lie down unconscious, so brutally injured on the hospital beds!!

Few days back you were so much cared and you were chirping like birds
Now your father is helpless, so is your mother
Some of you have your father left, while some of you, your mother
Some of you have lost both of them together!!

The subtle tears and fear in your eyes
Your belly cramping with hunger, what did you eat the last
The breakfast or lunch or supper or dinner
And then the deafening thunder and the blast!!

Oh the children of Gaza, who cares for your agony, your wounded face?
This world has lost the mankind and the human race
We humans are extinct today, though not the way your favorite dinosaurs were
No one to hold your hands when the world in front of your eyes fades and blur!!
Hiding the shame and the grief, this cruel world wants you to live
We feel nothing, we say nothing and we do nothing
But we want you to hold up to the last thread
As every time you die, we all are dead!!

Mohammad Fahad Ullah, PhD, MRSC, Professor, Mississauga, ON L5B 0K4, Canada

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