The truce the whole truce and nothing but the truce so help me pause 

Gaza Truce

 Call it what you will, a truce, a humanatarian ceasefire, a pause , in reality it is a defeat for the Zionist aparthied regime.

After nearly 50 days of laying waste to the civilian infrastructure and civilian lives in Gaza , through a campaign of indiscriminate carpet bombing of civilian residential areas  , worthy of ‘Bomber Harris’ himself and his firebombing of Dresden during the second world war, not one captive had been released.

Netanyahu publicly pledged ,no end to the war on Gaza, until all the captives had been released and Hamas had been destroyed.

Undoubtedly internal political pressure on Netanyahu ,from the release the prisoners campaign, in Israel were family members and supporters marched from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem demanding an exchange of captives in order to free their loved in Gaza had an influence.

Six days on were will it all go.

You can be sure of one thing the Zionist zealots at the heart of settler dominated war cabinet want to ethnically cleanse Gaza aswell as the occupied westbank.

They want to seize the oppprtunity given to them not by Hamas but by Biden to continue the expansion of their apartheid state further onto Palestinian land.

They have destroyed and devastated much of northern Gaza , there is nothing left for the residents to return to.

The Zionists are now claiming, that Hamas headquarters are situated in Southern Gaza thus preparing the path internationally for phase two, the  decimation of Southern Gaza  through the destruction of every hospital school and refugee camp aswell as the lives of ten of thousands of more defenceless men women children and babies.

This war is not a attack on Hamas, a legitimate national liberation organisation , it is a war of depopulation, of attrition , and of slow genocide.

If the Zionist war criminal regime is not stopped, they will corral the Palestinians ,then through the weaponisation of famine,  sanitation, water and medicine , they will enforce a modern death march on the Gazans, much like the ‘Trail of Tears’, when Native American Indians were forcibly displaced by the American army causing countless needless deaths in an official policy of genocide.

100,000 Asians from India are being recruited to work in Israel.

This will allow 100,000 Israelis to remain in Gaza .

A garrison to complete the mission ‘Empty Gaza’.

With American backing they will persue this aim over the next 12 months. 

They will leave nothing in Gaza.

No food,no water,no electricity,no sanitatation, no fuel,no medicine, no schools,no hospitals,no doctors,

Just death, disease and destruction 

Leave or die.

That will be the choice.

Then the Zionists will say they left voluntarily.

Thats the master plan, the final solution for Gaza ,zionist style

Who will stop them? 

That remains to be seen, but be assured it wont be our democratic humantarian led governments who are assisting in the genocide.

British basis in Cyprus are being used to resupply the Israeli death machine.

Biden has allowed the zionist apartheid regime unparalelled access to American munition stores and I believe Shannon airport is still being used to support the American war effort in West Asia.

Ah democracy .Well not in my name you can keep it.Democratic dictatorship is what if has become a duopoly of parties and a duopoly of graft and greed. 

Fra Hughes is a Belfast-based Palestine solidarity activist

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