Why Israel is attacking the Al Shifa hospital

Gaza Hospital Attack

No water,no medicine,no fuel,no food,no hope ,that is the daily reality of life for Gazans suffering under these unbearable, intolerable vicious unwarranted attacks.

All of the above facts are crimes against humanity and war crimes under the 4th Geneva convention. Article 18 refers specifically to the safe guarding of hospitals .

Doctors nurses paramedics are all under attack. Many have been murdered simply for  trying to reach the injured, to operate on the maimed and to save premature born babies .Ventilated patients are being deliberately murdered by the Zionist refusal to allow the Red Crescent to deliver life saving kerosine.

The Israeli occupation offered the Al Shifa hospital 300 litres of fuel in a cynical propaganda attempt to show to the world they are helping civilians. 300 litres would allow 30 minutes of electricity ,they need 8000 litres per day just to stand still.

While the Zionist apartheid state continues to repeat its mantra that Al Shifa hospital is actually the Hamas headquarters in Gaza City, what excuse are they using to attack the Indonesian hospital, the childrens cancer hospital in Gaza city ,the closure of more than 20 hospitals and many medical clinics.

Only three hospitals are now operating in the entirety of Gaza and even they have no anaesthesia.

The reason is obvious .

If the Zionist entity wants to occupy Northern Gaza if not the whole of the Gaza strip it needs to remove all of the indigenous population.


That is why it is causing countless murders of unarmed men women and children non combatants. 

That is why they are directing  a slow famine in Gaza .

That is why they are forcing families to drink contaminated water.

That is why they are bombing people in food lines queing for bread, while simultaneously destroying the bakery, the local supermarkets, butchers and restaurants 

That is why the are pummelling repeatedly refugee camps,UN refuge centres and overcrowded apartment blocks.

They bomb the camps, then offer the residents a safe corridor south. Ethnic cleansing area by area one at a time.

They also attack those on the road fleeing for their lives.

They say go to the south, it is safe there,food water,shelter,medicine yet 40% off all deaths up to this moment are to be counted in Southern Gaza.

1.5 million people are already internally displaced.

All the hospitals in Gaza , those still operating are about to cease all activity.

Casualties are being treated with the illumination of cell phones ,without anaesthetic ,without sterile instruments and without medical monitoring.

They are literally operating in the dark.

America is calling for a two state solution and a rebranding of the failed Oslo Agreement. Its a pure distraction

The failure of the joint Arab League/Organisation of Islamic countries on Saturday to take affirmative action around sanctioning Israel politically, economically ,militarily and financially was a complete abdication  of moral responsibility and natural justice.

Had Turkey simply threatened to turn off the gas and oil supply to Israel that could have made a tremendous difference to events on the ground.

As usual the Arab League has collectively abandoned the Palestinians .

The Organisation of Islamic countries gives me more hope for real action.

Words without action is rhetoric.Surely Palestinians have had enough of rhetoric I know I have.

While countries like America Britain France and Germany continue to support this unjustified and intolerable purge of life from Gaza and Israelis are held unaccountable for their crimes we can expect this slaughter of the innocent to continue unchallenged and unabated.

Before America and Britains illegal war on Iraq began a young woman addressed the American Congress and by extension a huge western televised audience.

She tearfully recalled how Iraqi soldeirs had taken babies out of their incubators and left them to die on the floor.

Even I  thought at the time if this is true then surely something must be done .

That is the power of propaganda 

The use of media to decieve.

Israeli media, uncritically repeated throughout the world by its western collaborators  told us 140 babies were beheaded, women were raped and families were burnt to death in their homes by Hamas

All now debunked 

Babies in Gaza hospitals have now been taken out their incubators, not by Iraqi soldiers but by Israeli genocidal policies 

If true something must be done.

The Gaza ministry of health says its true, the doctors interviewed on Al Jazeera and Press tv say its true and the 6 dead new born babies denied their incubators prove it to be true.

In case I forget, the Kuwaiti nurse who helped to persuade the western public how justified a war on Iraq would be was not actually a nurse volunteer ,had not actually worked in a hospital but was in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United Nations in New York.

If you’re not careful,the newspapers will have you hating the people who are oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing 

Malcolm x.

11,000 Dead

30,000 Maimed

3,500 Missing presumed dead


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