Zionist Israel Metamorphosises the Jewish Victim Community of Nazi Holocaust to Inflict Holocaust-II on Palestinians

Gaza Palestine 4

The ongoing humongous monstrosity inflicted by the Israeli army, Netanyahu government and its security intelligence upon the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip is mind boggling. Quantum shift of perception of events – historical and current – takes place in one’s mind. The reason – perhaps the sheer speed with which the brutality is being unleashed by the Israeli government and in full public glare; against international opinion and in violation of all laws. Even the mind fails to grasp and cope with how the Jewish victim community of holocaust is able to throw up powerful sections of its very own community in the form of Israeli government and its army to perpetrate holocaust-II on the Palestinians. The collective conscience of the Germans failed to prevent holocaust-1; even as the collective conscience of the Jewish community is seen to be unequal to the task of preventing holocaust-II.

In recent days when a minister in the Israeli government showed the audacity to publicly announce that Palestinians should be nuclear-bombed, this demonic entity masquerading around as a human being should have been arrested, charged and tried – with full evidence of his intent for crimes against humanity laid before the whole world. Nothing of the sort happened. So was his intent shared by his colleagues? Was the criminal idea being field tested within the Israeli government? Are plans afoot to execute the pronouncement anytime soon?

Humanity would be safer if Israel’s secret underground nuclear arsenal hidden somewhere in the desert is made dysfunctional through a safe method by an international agency rather than be bombed out of existence. UN inspectors should have free access to the Israeli nuclear reactor.

History records how Nazi Germany tried to exterminate the Jews. It was expected that this community at the receiving end of such inhumanities would – in future – be sensitive to the concerns of others; at least the thinking and ruling members of this community would not be seen as perpetrators of holocaust-II. Quite the contrary has happened, making me entertain the thought for a fleeting moment whether the holocaust really took place; I banished this thought instantaneously as blasphemous. Undoubtedly the Nazi holocaust is a historical reality; but the expected salutary effect on the victim community to sympathize, empathize and condemn crimes against Palestinians is missing.

The vast majority of the educated middle class citizens of Israel should perform their historical role of raising questions on the ruling establishment. Fear or favour may be driving away many from speaking up. But then they risk becoming colluders.

The impunity with which the Netanyahu government is continuing with its 24×7 extermination of Palestinians against the will of the International Community – as represented through U.N. – makes one conclude that the Israeli government and its army are extracting disproportionately the Shylockian pound of flesh – with blood and all – in lieu of the 1400 deaths on 7th October 2023. Even the proverbial ‘eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth’ adage does not satisfy the lust for blood of Palestinians. The butchery by the Zionist state could have stopped at 1400; the monsters have already reached 10 times that number. The continuous aid and abetment by governments in USA, UK, France and Germany is fuelling holocaust-II unfolding before the world. The perpetrators of this crime against humanity will be brought to justice eventually though. That is the hope.

[P.S. Sahni is a qualified orthopaedic surgeon. He has worked extensively with the victims of Sikh Genocide in 1984; amongst victims of 1992 anti-Muslim violence; and at the India-Bangladesh border during the Bangladesh Liberation War resulting in 1971 Bangladesh Genocide of Bengali Hindus.

Blog: https://pilwatchgroup.blogspot.com/ ]


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