Ayodhya Consecration: Death of Secularism

Ayodhya Consecration

BJP went ahead with the consecration ceremony of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya today, on 22nd January, despite objections from various quarters. 

The Congress and other opposition parties boycotted the event, seeing it as a political stunt by BJP to take credit ahead of Lok Sabha elections. Shankaracharyas also protested saying the temple complex is not fully constructed yet, but Modi wants to claim ownership of the Mandir for votes.

More importantly, January 22nd holds great historical and constitutional significance as the day when the ‘Objective Resolution’ was unanimously adopted in 1947. This resolution laid down the ideals of democracy, secularism, justice, liberty, equality and fraternity which were incorporated as the fundamental principles and #Preamble of the Indian Constitution. 

By pushing the Mandir inauguration celebrations on this very date, BJP seems to be deliberately sidelining and undermining the secular foundations and spirit of the Indian constitution. Through large media spectacle of the event, BJP is subtly but surely promoting a singular religious nationalist identity, moving away from diversity and plurality.

 It appears to be part of the larger agenda to establish a dominant #Hindu identity for India by replacing constitutional principles of secularism with a majoritarian mindset of a ‘#Hindu_Rashtra’.

 Democratic and secular voices are alarmed at such attempts at subverting the secular values that the founding fathers enshrined on this historic date.

The choice of date for the Mandir event reflects BJP’s political motives of usurping the secular-constitutional legacy of January 22nd, 1947 for their communal agenda ahead of elections. It bodes ill for India’s pluralist democracy.

The background and context is very important to understand the hidden objectives of the BJP/RSS government. 

6th December, the day #Babri_Masjid was demolished in 1992, holds special significance as Dr. Ambedkar’s Mahaparinirvan Diwas. 

 By choosing this date, the demolition was a deliberate attempt by #Hindutva forces to undermine the legacy and message of social justice and secularism espoused by the chief architect of the Indian Constitution. It aimed to erase Ambedkar from public memory and pave the way for construction of a temple, after criminally destroying a place of worship.

 Today’s inauguration tries to wash this blatant illegality and present the Mandir narrative as a national victory, rather than what it was – a politically motivated act of intimidation. 

It reflects the systematic humiliation and alienation inflicted upon the Muslim community over decades through such exclusivist symbols and dates. Under the BJP, representation of marginalised communities like OBCs, SCs and STs is continuously eroding, threatening the very principle of equality enshrined in the Constitution. 

 Secularism as India’s core value faces a serious threat as the BJP attempts a rewrite of history to establish its majoritarian, monolithic agenda. Upholding the democratic spirit of diversity and justice on which this nation was founded is imperative to counter such regressive, divisive and unconstitutional moves.

The concerted efforts to erase Ambedkar, Gandhi and Nehru’s legacy and undermine India’s secular ethos at every stage of the Mandir movement cannot be overlooked.

Frank Huzur is an author and journalist.

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