Gaza Children Palestine

You don’t ever
Want to be haunted
By children

By the children
You’ve killed

But you will be

I hope they come
In their millions

I hope they suffocate
I hope they strangulate
I hope they penetrate
All of your memories

I hope that their screams
Become the only sound in your dreams

You deserve their burnt faces
You deserve their biting eyes
You deserve their cold hands
Crushing all of your days

You deserve them pointing
And bleeding
Over your warm bed

Sleep is for the good

Nightmare is the summons of the God

You shall not escape
O you Kings

O you murderers

The kiss of death is yours

The dark wings of dead children

The black claws of the innocent ones

Into your mind

You are cursed by dead children

They surround you
They will drown you

You will know the vengeful look of the Seraphim
You will hear the secret voices of an angry God

You are more than Cain in Gaza
You have gone beyond the divine law

Thou shalt not kill children

Now cursed be thy name
Now cursed be the rest of thy days
In thy now cursed land

Blessed are the little children
For they are the watchful eyes of God


Dan Corjescu teaches at the University of Tübingen’s “Studium Professionale” Program

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