Genocide in Gaza in a world that lacks a degree of ethics!

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 In recent days, we have seen discussions about human rights as if we are going back in history. The reason is the Western positions towards the massacres in Gaza, which made many people in the Third World believe that human rights, at least in the Western concept, have lost their meaning and no longer have value. From Western absolute support for Israel to the complete silence of the massacres committed by Israel to positions of “kill but not too much!”

These questions derive their legitimacy from Western policy, which has long touted the slogan of human rights to the extent that it invaded under this banner countries like Iraq.

But there are opinions, and I am one of those who admit them, that the topic of human rights has always been an ideological subject used for political exploitation or a selective subject, meaning that the human rights file may be opened against any country that opposes the United States in its policy, and the examples are known to everyone.

Perhaps the action of the state of South Africa in filing a complaint against Israel at the International Criminal Court, which has suffered for a long time from the apartheid system, has a lot of symbolism that is not hidden from anyone. South Africa has suffered from a long settler apartheid occupation and it is no wonder that Israel was one of the closest countries to the apartheid system.

 Perhaps the current generation does not remember that the position of most Western countries was with the apartheid system, and Nelson Mandela remained on the US terrorism list even after his release from prison in South Africa.

The Gaza war led to unprecedented public awareness towards the question of Palestine . And this explains the exit of millions of young people from the “Z” generation to the streets to express their rejection to the Zionist massacres. But these demonstrations, with their strength and extension, did not have the hopeful impact on Western governments, although some of them have retreated slightly in their positions, the essence of support for Israel has not changed.

We now live in a world that has become closer to the jungle than to a world governed by international laws such as laws that protect civilians in times of war.

Israel has succeeded in destroying all international laws because it knows that the American veto is always ready to prevent it from being condemned.

But the matter may not be the same in the Hague Court. South Africa has prepared a file of all the crimes committed by Israel for three months, and all hope is that its efforts will succeed in bringing Israeli criminals to justice.

The erosion of political ethics has further weakened the effectiveness of international law. As politicians become more concerned with self-interest and power grabs such as the influence of the Jewish lobby Apiac on American politicians.

 They are less likely to prioritize the enforcement of international laws that could constrain their actions. This has led to a situation where international law is often ignored or selectively enforced, and where human rights violations are committed with impunity.

The decline of political ethics is a serious challenge to the protection of human rights and the promotion of a just and equitable international order. It is essential that we work to restore ethical standards in politics and to strengthen international law so that it can better protect the rights of all people.

A world devoid of moral political leaders would be a bleak and dangerous place. Without ethical guidance and a commitment to serving the common good, political decisions would be driven by self-interest, power struggles, and a disregard for the welfare of others. This would inevitably lead to corruption, injustice, and widespread wars.

The position of the West, which supported and allowed the massacres in Gaza, is the greatest evidence of the weakness that has befallen international institutions.

Dr Salim Nazzal is a Palestinian Norwegian researcher, lecturer playwright and poet, wrote more than 17 books such as Perspectives on thought, culture and political sociology, in thought, culture and ideology, the road to Baghdad. Palestine in heart.

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