Palestine Beloved

Palestine Olive Tree

Do you see

Do you see, my friend?

The dead want to kiss you

They want to breathe through you

They want to dance with your feet

They want to eat and to sleep
And to drink deep of love again

They sit at your table
They nervously laugh while you talk

They ask:

Do you remember me?
Did you really love me?

Make me real again
They ask

Make me see again

My body has disappeared
Under the rubble

My beautiful black hair
Was turned to ash by their bombs

My proud breasts were ripped apart
By their bullets of blind hate

My womb was defiled
By their vengeance
By their murderous lies

Do you see me still beloved?

Without a head
Without eyes
Without hands
Or feet

I am so filled with love for you
My body is the land

My soul
Flies out of your mouth
When you cry my name

My soul
Sits on your shoulder
Comforting your pain

Do you see me beloved?

I will never leave you beloved

Do not flee this land
Do not run from the invader


Stand and embrace me

Palestine is yours

Dan Corjescu teaches at the University of Tübingen’s “Studium Professionale” Program

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