Gaza Palestine Women And Children

I’ve seen the ugliness

I’ve felt the pain

I’ve lived the rage

I’ve watched the mothers

I’ve counted the children

I’ve mourned the men

Evil has heated my blood
Evil has mixed it all up

Evil has filled me with hate
And taken all regret

Evil has all the money
Evil has all the say
Evil is the stronger

God apparently made it that way

And as I watch the murders
And as I hear the lies

I curse the fact
That I have ears
That I have eyes

My soul has been a witness
My heart has been a spy

I’ve seen the naked horror of this world
And how it rules every life

I ask myself the old question of why
The innocent must die

I ask myself the other one why the worst
Flourish and thrive

I ask myself how can I live with this
With this knowledge that cuts me
Like a butcher’s knife

I ask how I can smile
How I can love
How I can walk with you again
Upon this earth

With Evil at my throat
With Pain around my heart
With Fear inside my bones

Yet with each day
I take a small step

A small step away from the rubble
Away from the torture
Away from the suffocating lies

And I don’t know
If I’m going anywhere
Or if I’ll get to a place
Anyplace that will care
That Man is a beast
That Man is a wolf to Man

But you

Will you walk with me into the unknown
Will you slowly walk with me into the impossible
Will you crawl with me into absolution
Will you cry with me for justice for the right

I’ve seen too many children ripped apart
I’ve seen too many women’s hearts dissected
I’ve seen too many men broken and gone mad

Walk with me
You lonely
Walk with me
You scared
Walk with me
You enslaved

And even though we don’t know where we’re going

I know

I know that with or without God

With our undying thirst for love
With our undying hunger for justice
For redemption

We will get there
We will get there

A glorious home
Made of a thousand years
Of blood, tears, and hope

Do you see the flames?
Do you see the rising light?

Do not be afraid

I will be waiting for you

Dan Corjescu teaches at the University of Tübingen’s “Studium Professionale” Program

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