Samyukta Kisan Morcha Demands Prosecution of PM Modi for Hate Speech, Impose Ban for six years from contesting election

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SKM Demands Prosecution of the PM for Hate Speech, Impose Ban for six years from contesting election. The Provocative Speech Aimed at Contaminate Social Sphere, Cause Bloodshed among Communities. Seizure of Wealth Allegation is true for the Corporate Sector under Modi Raj

SKM demands prosecution of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for highly poisonous hate speech against a particular community thus, violating the respective laws for national unity and imposing a ban on him for six years from contesting election. He must be removed from the post of Prime Minister with immediate effect otherwise the country will face a constitutional crisis of a law breaker holding one of the highest constitutional posts. The provocative speech of Narendra Modi is aimed at contaminating the social sphere and causing bloodshed among communities hence the Supreme Court has to take suo moto cognizance and intervene.

The highly provocative speech of the Prime Minister at Banswara in Rajasthan on 20th April 2024 indicates his total disrespect to the rule of law and abject insensitivity towards the pluralistic social fabric of our country. The Prime Minister has accused all members of the main minority group of the country as ‘intruders’ without any substance is nothing but insanity that violates the secular constitution that ensures separation of state and religion in governance. Secularism is the fundamental feature of our successful democracy being in existence for the last 77 long years after becoming independent from the British colonial yoke.

The allegation against the congress party of seizing the wealth of the people to give to a particular community is actually to divert the attention of the people from the greater skew in wealth ownership under the last ten years of Modi government. The latest Oxfam report has revealed that the top 1% of the population that represent the entire billionaires too owns 40.5% of the wealth of the country while, the bottom 50% of the population or 70 crore people that represent the poor and middle farmers and rural workers owns merely 3% of the wealth of the nation. There is no Hindu or Muslim divide among these poor sections. The Modi government has reduced the corporate tax from 30% to the range of 22%-16% during the last ten years. One of the corporate groups Reliance owned by Mukesh Ambani has enhanced their assets from Rs. 1,67,000 crore in 2014 to Rs. 8,03,000 crore in 2023. The loan arrear of Rs.14.55 lakh crore of the corporate houses has been written of during 2014-2022 by the Modi government when not a single rupee of the debt relief was provided to the farmers and farm workers though 154 suicide have been taking place daily in India under the Modi raj.

SKM is fighting for legally guaranted MSP@C2+50% since farmers have the right of share on national resources. However the Prime Minister being a habitual lair is trying to divert the attention of the people how his government help the corporate houses to ceize the national wealth by looting farmers and workers.

This is an extraordinary situation hence; SKM appeals to all sections of the people to take all precautions to maintain peace and social tranquilities against any sort of provocation by the elements of vested interests inimical to the national unity and friendship and brotherhood of the people. Only the people can defeat the politics of communal division and stand firmly to safeguard secular fabrics of India.

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