Imran Khan

Pakistan Striving for Its Soul

Arrest of Imran Khan Signals Corrupt Authoritarian Order The illegitimate Sharif government makes a final stab into the body politics of Pakistan. Vengefully indoctrinated  and politically paranoid and fearful thugs…

U.S. Role in Pakistan’s Political Crisis

Since I am originally from Pakistan and have been teaching interdisciplinary studies (including political science) at City College of San Francisco, I have been following the developments there with great…

Regime Change in Islamabad

Pakistan’s opposition is trying to overthrow Prime Minister Imran Khan with a no-confidence motion. Khan says the US sent him a threatening letter and he has proof of foreign funding…

 Imran Khan’s Faustian Bargain

The predicament of Imran Khan’s fanboys has been somewhat like the pubescent girl who falls head over heels in love with a promiscuous playboy; and when her friends try to…

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