Attempt to assassinate Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan

 imran khan

The enemies of the most honest and most popular political leader in Pakistan’s history tried to assassinate him. Since they suffered major defeats in election after election, could not succeed in their repeated efforts to have him declared ineligible for election, they realized that they could not beat Khan electorally. So they tried to kill him. He and many of his party leadership were injured, and one of them, sadly, did not survive. The assassin’s statement that he was acting alone and not influenced by anyone could have been credible if, just recently, a prominent investigative journalist, Arshad Sharif, had not been assassinated in Kenya, where he was trying to hide after numerous threats to his life by Pakistan’s establishment. Those very people who had Arshad Sharif assassinated are responsible for this cowardly assassination attempt on Khan’s life. Their action signals a clear and decisive end to their decades long corruption and looting of the country’s wealth because now every Pakistani except a very few people have united behind Khan and expressed an unshakable resolve to rid the country of the foreign-installed imported government, murderers, and mafia leeches, who have been sucking the blood of the masses for decades.

The Day of Reckoning is Fast Approaching in Pakistan

I am still grappling with the reality of what is happening in Pakistan. It continues to unroll like scenes from a nightmare. It is shocking that whereas anyone can file an FIR (First Information Report) with police for the most trivial of reasons, Imran Khan is not being allowed that basic protection from further attempts on his life. The Supreme Court has to intervene here.

If Pakistan’s judiciary fails to do its duty and safeguard Pakistan’s constitution and the rule of law, the criminals in all branches of the government, including the traitors in the army, will be tried in the People’s Court, consisting of nearly 90% of the country’s population, in a revolution that has already been forced on Pakistan’s people by the dastardly assassination attempt on their leader, Imran Khan. In addition, the murders of the journalist Arshad Sharif and numerous other killings of honest government officials who unveiled the mafia’s corruption will not go unpunished. The Day of Reckoning is fast approaching. Loyal Pakistanis are confident that their brethren, the overwhelming majority in all branches of the government, including the army, who are controlled by just a handful of villainous, self-seeking, and country-betraying oppressors, will get rid of them in a peaceful transfer of power to those who have the people’s mandate and trust.

Prof. Abdul Jabbar has been teaching for more than half a century in San Francisco, California. He is a specialist in world literatures and the politics of the Muslim world.

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