Backward or Forward

Backward or forward

Life is still

But minds are terrorized

Hearts moan

And home is a war zone

Backward or forward

Taking sides are not easy decision

People are not ready to accept submission

Yesterday I was dreaming about my career

Today all I want is the safety of our nation

Backward or forward

People are killed in dozens

Looks like coercion has more fans than cooperation

Peace they promised

Now all our hopes are demolished

Backward or forward

Living in the largest democracy in the world

We don’t have the rights to go beyond our walls

In this age of globalization banned is our communication

No one can imagine the extent of frustration

AFSPA is our law how can they still call us a free nation

Backward or forward

When the whole country celebrates Independence Day

We are locked in our houses and still expected to relish this day

When I just start believing that things will be fine

More people get killed or they are disappeared in lines

Backward or forward

Wrong side of the world

We are stuck

Things which look normal there

We can get only in good luck

In this country of Gandhi’s non-violence

The only way they operate is violence

Backward or forward

Still we have not lost all our hopes

One day we going to climb all thorny slopes

And our people will get Azaadi of accountability, of law and good governance

With welfare of all will wither away our feeling of otherness

Zohra Batul is a  research scholar at Jamia Millia Islamia pursuing M.PHIL in International Relations,  from Kargil (j&k).



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