The World Meteorological  Organization(WMO), a specialized UN agency  has decided to constitute a committee to know whether  Kuwait’s Mitrabah had experienced the hottest day with the temperature 54.0°C; the temperature is the highest for the eastern hemisphere. The WMD is itself worried and to know whether the data was accurate, a high level scientific committee with Kuwait and  WMO official investigations, is appointed which  ‘will consist of meteorologists and climatologists. They will examine the instrumentation used, the quality of observations, the microclimate of the location, the representativeness of the station to its surroundings and to its own record. The station is in a remote, sparsely populated area in the north-west of Kuwait.’

According  to the report ‘ Mitrabah reportedly saw a temperature of 54.0°C on 21 July and the city of Basra in Iraq recorded a temperature of 53.9°C (128°C) on Friday 22 July. Southern Morocco also saw temperatures of between 43°C and 47°C. The highest temperature for the Eastern hemisphere was reportedly set in July 1931 in Kebili, Tunisia, at 55.0°C.’

The highest temperature as per the organization was experienced in Death Valley almost one century ago ‘when the hottest temperature ever recorded was in Furnace Creek, Death Valley, California at 56.7°C on 10 July 1913.’

This is alarming that small state like Kuwait and adjoining countries have experienced so much of the devastating temperature. In fact the whole of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) have experienced the heat waves in the recent time.

The spread of heat waves is not limited to the water deficient desert countries but is widely spreading in the world. Heat waves are being experienced as well in the North American countries including the USA. The report shows that ‘a widespread heat wave has affected the central and eastern United States of America, with temperatures of 95-100 °Fahrenheit (35-38°C), and heat index values to reach 110°F F (43°C), with some areas reaching 115 °F (46°C), according to the US National Weather Service. At the peak on Friday, July 22, almost 124 million people were under an Excessive Heat Warning, Excessive Heat Watch or Heat Advisory. Above average temperatures are forecast to continue along much of the eastern U.S. through mid-week. A unique feature of these heat waves is its very high overnight low temperatures, which offer little relief from the oppressive heat.’

India is not an exception where the high temperature is on increase. The climate change in the country is on rise. The high heating of the country is one major cause of the floods and the change in the behavior of the rivers. Several countries are in the process of setting the new high temperatures, a phenomenon which was not experienced previously. ‘A number of countries have seen new national temperature records – for instance India saw a new national temperature record of 51°C in Rajasthan in May.’

The  warnings are here, the report has warned that ‘the global land and ocean average temperature for January–June at 1.05°C (1.89°F) above the 20th century average, besting the previous record set in 2015 by 0.20°C (0.36°F), according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’ moreover ‘from January to June, January–June 2016 was characterized by warmer to much-warmer-than-average conditions engulfing most of the world’s land and ocean surfaces. Record warmth was widespread across Alaska, western Canada, southern Mexico, northern South America, central Africa, Indonesia, northern and eastern Australia, North Indian Ocean, and across parts of north-central Russia, western Asia, central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, the southwestern Pacific Ocean, and the northwestern Atlantic Ocean.’

The common inferences are that the world is under the coverage of the heat waves, no area of the world is beyond the adverse impact of the heat waves which now encompass the Arctic region to the tropical regions, seas are under the impact of the heat waves which means the climate pattern are going to be affected soon enough as the IOD (Indian Ocean Dipole) may be altered or El Nino like effects may be on increase leading to deficient monsoon.

The primitive environment was reducing with high temperature. As the evolutionary biologists suggest that the primitive environment was with very high temperature and there was no possibility of the water in any reservoir due to the continuous evaporation due to high temperature; when the temperature reduced then sea water started to appear and primordial life originated. Self replicating small particle like virus appeared followed by the prokaryotic life and finally the eukaryotic Oxygen evolving life forms appeared, the environment turned to oxidizing with sea water and continuous rainfall but all this happened when temperature was lowered.

What is happening now: the eastern hemisphere is recording the highest temperature, the whole world is under intense heat waves and even the permafrost of the Arctic Ocean is now melting with a possibility that in next fifteen years it may turn into a  visible sea. The increase high temperature are result of the human follies and the main responsibility lies with the leaders of the world who are yet to take very strong decision on the issue of the global warming of which the heat waves are  considered as an important component. The Paris agreement is just a weak effort because still they are trapped in their national interests, for them the global environmental interests are still not their priority. The recording of the high temperatures in Kuwait should not be taken just an event but it should be taken as a warning to that entire world is under the process of reverting to the primitive age when high temperature evaporated every drop of the water. The global heat waves are a threat to global water. There is need to take strong actions on the world organization’s report by the global leaders but they are not so serious, it is open secret. The responsibility therefore lies on the citizens of the globe to press for their interests which are only one –the survival.

Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava is Vice Chairman CSSP, Consultant CRIEPS, e mail-vpy1000@yahoo.co.in

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    The warnings of world meteorological organisation are being not needed by the governments world over. Heat waves and record temperatures have been a common feature over the years. Water deficient countries in West Asia, especially Arab countries like Kuwait, are prone to heat waves. The environmental problems are being sidelined and political bickering are taking prime attention.

  2. This is a warning for inhabitants of planet earth. Most of all is because of overpopulation. We multiply like flies and there is no end of it and no limit in reproduction. in 1947 the earth population was 2 billion. Now we surpass the 8 billion and counting. Its going up and up and up like the US debt with no limit and no one who can stop it.

  3. abhishek says:

    This is a high time for the entire world to take a serious note on the precarious problem of environment degradation and rising temperature. The measures and solutions should be implemented by all the people residing in this world irrespective of their country, caste, color, race and ethnicity etc. There is a need for the governments to frame healthy policies so that the coming generations should live a gainful life in every respect not a painful life.
    None can deny the fact that the environment problem is the most dreadful problem after terrorism which the world is facing today.
    Apart from that, well written article and keep the inflow of this kind of genre of articles on this website.