Kashmir: Impractical Lyricism


Union of crowds and noise lead to chaos; not to any form of solution. Kashmir-movement is a victim of noisy crowd. This noisy movement sponsored by misinformed and unorganised crowd can deteriorate even the existing order, if at all it exists at the first place. The dust gathering Kashmir issue is of phenomenal proportions—is a massive headache paining the whole sub-continent. An issue of such magnitude needs rational strategy with an organised and disciplined movement under a qualified and visionary leader. Mere mobilisation of crowds by unqualified and unpractical leaders, making rhetorical statements, has a possibility of changing the socio-political structure towards regression and retrogression. That cycle will continue to revolve crushing any attempt to solve under its might.

History and logic is witness to the fact that confusion breeds confusion and definitely not solution. We are of course confused and bemused, evidenced by our situation. When subjects, their adopted ways and means and their leaders are sans foresight they sink into darkness where they don’t know the way out. This darkness further shadows their economic, social and political structures leaving them in a maze of stagnation. That in turn threatens their very existence.

The current movement in Kashmir is undeniably a people’s movement who happens to call themselves suppressed and tortured by a ruthlessly vicious regime under the guise of democracy. Although they often, with excitement, stand in queues to elect the same regime, they are habitually complaining about human rights violation and their right to self-determination. Delhi having hundreds of miles away has stationed their darling troop and loyal politicians to keep the facade of democracy running. It has never bothered, intentionally, to discover that what they have been branding a law and order situation is actually a political crises crying for a political solution. To maintain their claim and position in the valley they have been pumping money and material to dull the senses of people, but only temporarily. They probably know that their strategy in economically unsustainable and politically unviable. In that they have no fault, it is human tendency to give preference to current and recurring decisions over long term ones.

Back to people-sponsored movement which, in its current stage, is more than four months old now. With protests, strikes and CHALO calls at the brink of exertion, with politicians dancing to the wine of power, with common man crawling to make his both ends meet, with students dying, with young girls blinded, Kashmir is crying blood-tears with no rains to wash them off. Hold on, no divine intervention sought. God has made us thinking-beings which is a proof that he wants us to practise our thinking in order to solve our problems.

So the moot point is how to solve our problems? Thinking, rational thinking is a solution to almost every human problem. However we have to understand that thinking is different from making noise, it involves planning and strategies, not raspberry. It needs true commitment and true commitment requires sacrifice. Discipline, foresight, brainstorming, order, deliberation, lobbying and intelligence are made use of.  Stones can harm unarmed people but they are no match to sophisticated weapons that have already killed more than a hundred innocent youth of our valley and blinded even the innocent young girls. Unrestrained and exaggerated enthusiasm can satisfy our naive senses but cannot solve our problems. India is a regional power, potential superpower, threatening it with bows and stones are imbecility. Therefore, we should look for an alternative and sustainable strategy, there should definitely be one, only if we open our minds and search it.  So thinking beings, of Kashmir, wake up you have nothing to lose but your mental chains.

Amir Wani hails from Pulwama, J&K, pursuing graduation in government degree college pulwama


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